MERT Worldwide – Three Step Training Method

Step One – Introduction

We will develop a training schedule in consultation with you the client.
We may need to visit the ship to better understand your specific training needs.
We will develop a training program specific to your needs.

Step Two – Training (Coaching – Simulation – Role Play – Practical Assessments)

We will facilitate a training program which will train a specific task – We refer to this as ‘Circuit Training’. The circuit training will practice or refresh a specific task – For example wear Breathing Apparatus Safely.
We will review your ships current standard operating process (SOP) – Example being ‘Engine Room Fire’. This review is conducted using key crew-members from the ships Emergency Organisation. We refer to this type of training as Emergency Response Managers – ‘Table Top Training’.

Step Three – Emergency Drill

We will plan and execute emergency drills that encompass all prior training and learning – Step Two ‘Circuit Training’.
We will have MERT trainers in all the key position to monitor and report on the action of the various sections.
We will provide a ‘Snap Shot’ of the ships ER capability – We will produce a full report highlighting strengths and weaknesses.
We will also provide remedial action if required to ‘Fix’ the weaknesses.

(Sample Only) Training Schedule – Machinery Space Fire

Training Schedule

MERT will provide a Comprehensive Training Schedule

Circuit Training – Allow approx 4 hours to complete following training

Conduct BA Wearer Drills – Wear BA Safely
Conduct Fire Team Training
Conduct ‘Table Top’ brief involving key managers within the Ships ER Organisation.
Confirm SOP’s are current and correct.                                                                                                                                                        Conduct First Aid Training for burns and smoke inhalation                                                                                                                   Conduct Fixed System briefing – Operation and post operation checks

Whole Ship Emergency Drill/Exercise – Allow approx 2 hours to meet all exercise objectives

Conduct Machinery Space Fire Drill – Debrief (All crew)
Complete Reports – Comprehensive Emergency Drill/Exercise report using MERT Worldwide assessments

MERT Worldwide – Will empower crew, giving them the confidence to respond safely to a ship emergency.This leads to competent members of the ships emergency organisation which fosters and develops a ‘healthy on board safety culture’.

Welcome to MERT Worldwide – Maritime Emergency Response Training. Does your ship’s crew meet the minimum standards to deal with rapid response emergencies on your vessels? Are you confident that your leadership team has a high level of emergency management preparedness, experience and confidence to expeditiously deal with all the varying types of emergencies that could occur on board?.

We are a dedicated Global Training Facilitator for Maritime Training. Our Training Consultants collectively have over 200 years experience in the maritime training environment and are attuned to providing quality emergency response training to meet every type of situation both at sea and alongside.

Our job is to provide highly dynamic and cooperative emergency response training or emergency drills for ships crews. With us your crews will not only learn more effectively but they will also enjoy themselves during the learning process despite the seriousness and need to achieve high standards in order to deal with onboard emergencies. We find that our cooperative, participative and on occasion authoritative leadership styles during training are very effective in a culturally diverse industry. This allows the students to nestle into the realm of dealing with emergency responses with confidence and a keen sense of situational awareness with urgency. Ultimately our focus is for our students to foster a culture of being the “Best” leveraged from the development of a professional attitude and skills through the delivery of our maritime training courses.

We will train on your vessels. This just makes sense and is more proactive in analysing the issues that you may confront so that we can develop and validate your emergency response plans to suit. We will use your equipment during your real operating time. By doing it this way your company can remain productive and also benefit from the training concurrently.

Realism is the key and your crew will value greatly from this by having training that is carried out using real life scenario based emergencies on-board supported with coaching and mentoring from our instructors. We will work hard to identify factors that you are not aware of which will become obvious during this training and this is the opportune time to take the required remedial action.

3D – Design Develop Deliver

We will customise our Maritime Training Modules into suitable emergency response training packages to meet your exacting requirements, this is as simple as a click and drop process. Although one of our first tasks is to validate your emergency management plans to identify any anomalies that may pose as red flag issues for your Emergency Management Officer even prior to designing a specific training program. We fully accept our responsibilities as MERT Consultants who have a thorough working knowledge and understanding of maritime emergency response. Let us review or formulate a well designed emergency management plan for you based on the design of your ship, the special areas of attention that can contribute to a lack of success in fighting fires , spillages and floods of varying degrees. We can scrutinise your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for effectiveness and make the necessary adjustments that make them more effective as a leading operational and training document.

We invite you to view our in-depth description of our services and associated emergency response training modules. You can contact us through our Contact Us page or phone +6421404803.


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