MERT Worldwide – Costa Concordia Disaster

MERT Worldwide – Costa Concordia

“A chain of failures, a chain of mistakes to put a ship like this on the rocks”
“Costa is committed that no such incident will ever happen again. Our number one priority has always been and will remain the safety and security of our guest and crew” (These were quotes mentioned during the video).

Before I comment on the Costa Concordia disaster I would like to acknowledge those that died – Rest in Peace RIP

I would also like to express my sincere condolences to their families and friends that survive them (Kia Kaha – New Zealand Maori meaning Stand Strong).

This incident was avoidable, human error, poor judgment; whatever the reasons in many ways this incident is similar to the Rena Accident, the difference being loss of life. It is not my intention to lay blame on one person or persons that is for the courts to decide. It is very clear that a poor culture of self regulation and a duty of care were key factors that had an influence on the Costa disaster. (I invite you to read my earlier post about the Rena Grounding because what was said about the Rena is relevant to the Costa).

What a waste of an amazing ship and to see her end a journey in this manner is sad because it was avoidable.

Could MERT Worldwide have prevented this and the Rena incidents through our specialist on board safety (SOS) training?

It would be impossible to say whether or not we could have changed events leading up to both incidents. But I firmly believe we could’ve made a difference to the safety culture on board both ships through a quality training packages our professional approach to training and our presence on board had we been given the opportunity to provide Maritime Emergency Response Training – MERT.

What is the true value of MERT Worldwide?

We offer ship owners the best practice Maritime Emergency Response Training and peace of mind knowing that all on board are confident and competent members of the ships emergency response organisation. We provide a snap shot of the crew’s ability to manage a ship emergency. This is supported by training assessments and other detailed documentation supporting MERT training packages. We will highlight weaknesses and strengths and recommend remedial action. By having a MERT training team on board your ship or vessel you can be assured that safety is at the fore front of everything we do. I believe the real value we offer is a confident crew member that is competent at his or her tasks within the ships emergency response organisation. This confidence and competence instills a good safety culture and duty of care.

Finally what value do you put on life, crew, cargo, the ship and the environment? This is a question that all shipping companies and ship owners must ask themselves. The people that can answer this question are the owners, managers, operators and insurers of the Costa Concordia – I would estimate Millions of dollars to date and millions more to follow.

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