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This is what a ship built from composite materials looks like when on fire.

I noticed the team wearing NO Breathing Apparatus (BA) while fighting a fire on a ship built of composite materials. 10 out of 10 for trying to fight the fire (Brave men) but they needed to be ON-AIR, using Breathing Apparatus because of the toxic hazards created by burning composite materials. They also needed Fire Fighting Suits to have any chance of extinguishing the fire because of the extreme heat.

Incident report:

A fire raged through the Indonesian Navy’s KRI Klewang-625 at the naval port in Banyuwangi, East Java on Friday at 3:15 p.m. No casualties have been reported but the Rp 114 billion (US$11.91 million) ship was severely damaged. Indonesian Eastern Fleet (Armatim) spokesman Lt. Col. Marine Yayan Sugiana told The Jakarta Post that the vessel was undergoing maintenance by its builder, PT Lundin Industry. “The vessel had yet to be officially handed over to the Navy. It was still undergoing maintenance checks by PT Lundin Industry,” he said.

The navy, however, said it would investigate the blaze, which lasted for two hours before fire fighters managed to extinguish it. “We will deploy a team to investigate the cause of the fire. We will use the report to evaluate the case,” he said.PT Lundin Industry’s director, Lisa Lundin, said the company would deliver an official statement relating to the incident on Monday.

The making of the carbon-fiber composite vessel was initiated in 2007, when PT Lundin Industry undertook extensive research into building a fast, modern ship capable of evading radar. In 2009, PT Lundin started the construction of the 63-meter-long vessel.

MERT Worldwide – Questions

1. What work was being done onboard at the time of the incident?  Was it “Hot Work” welding?

2. Was it an electrical problem that started the fire?

3. What fixed fire fighting systems  were installed on the ship?

4. Were they operational at the time of the incident?

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