Nic Irvine

MERT Instructor

Wealth of hospitality & aviation experience

Nic first became involved with maritime training in 2000 and since then has spent approximately 7 years at sea in various specialist roles.

She is jam packed with a creditable list of maritime skill based qualifications including Advanced Seamanship, Boat Coxin, Rapid Response Emergency First Aid, and Aero Medical Evacuation qualifications.  These skills are continually crafted by Nic through regular real time application and truly compliment her expertise in conducting associated training and follow on assessment for crews throughout the world. She remains pristine in her approach to achieving positive results where a high level of awareness and urgency is paramount.

As a qualified Rapid Emergency Response Instructor Nic has a continued commitment to delivering effective training for the Royal New Zealand Navy and other Government and Non Government departments when required. She is a Specialist in Aero Medical Evacuation and this skill high lights MERT’s diversity as a maritime training facilitator.

She approaches her instructional responsibilities calmly and deliberately teaching composite Rapid Emergency Responses for fires, floods, spills, toxic gas, and medical emergencies with ease.

Nic has an ingrained ethos for dealing with any maritime rapid emergency response and that is to be “One Step Ahead” trained and ready for it. It is this preparatory sense of responsibility that makes her an integral part of MERT.

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