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“The story of Yogi must be told and it should be used as an example of how badly things can go wrong when training and familiarization fail and self-imposed operational demands combine with otherwise benign, albeit officially sanctioned, design deficiencies. Withholding information related to the loss of Yogi contravenes the very foundation of maritime safety training and regulation. The superyacht industry, and the charter guests who help to fund it, should be asking why they are denied information that is so critical to prevent a recurrence of such an incident, one with far more tragic results.”

Megayacht Yogi Sinking

Why did it take almost an entire year for an investigation to be officially conducted and reported, given that Yogi was essentially a passenger vessel (albeit a very high-end one), presumably serving an elite cadre of charter clients around the world who are presumably as committed to safety on the high seas as any other group of human beings?

MERT Comments

Reading the French report and reading between the lines as well, it appears that many questioned remain unanswered.One thing that is certain is that there is evidence that casts doubt over various crew statements. So what was the actual cause of the sinking. The fault with the main engine was the start of a chain reaction. How did water breech water tight bulkheads? Unless the hull was actually breech (holed) then water must have got in through a watertight door/hatch or other opening.

So many unanswered question, what was the cause of the engine defect? What was the sea state at that time in the area of the sinking.Could crew skills or lack of skills also contributed to the sinking? Could quality training have saved the ship? Was it a design issue? Unless the crew break silence and give a true and accurate account of events there will always be many unanswered question. One thing is certain in this day and age with all the technology and design engineering that goes into modern ships – The shouldn’t sink.


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