Module 1.0

MERT Task 1.0 Apply Emergency Management Leadership

This is an excellent training module for your key leadership crew members who provide your emergency management response. In particular it is very useful for the Emergency Management Officer. In this module a cooperative evaluation and interaction between MERT and Ships Management is necessary to evaluate and assess emergency management procedures, before carrying out any emergency management training.

All training for this module will be based on crew numbers and the ships infrastructure. At the completion of MERT Task 1.0 we will have validated your ships Emergency Management Plan for fires, floods, medical emergencies, toxic gas, and any other ship emergencies. We will have identified areas of concern in high risk areas, discussed these with you and recommended emergency management solutions. Once this is complete we will concentrate on coaching and mentoring your EMLT through effective training in preparation for their final Assessment.

Training Element 1.1: Evaluate Emergency Management Processes.

PC 1.1.1: Assess all high risk compartments and areas and their associated emergency procedures. Examples of this are machinery spaces, sewage treatment plants and surrounding areas, confined spaces, height safety areas, and radiation hazards from communication aerials and radars.

PC 1.1.2: Prove Emergency Management Response manning requirements and Watch Bills requirements. Essentially this will determine who does what and where they will do it.

PC 1.1.3: Evaluate over arching documents like your emergency management policy, your emergency management plan, and emergency procedures to identify areas on these documents that need adjusting based on our validation.

Training Element 1.2: Apply Emergency Management Leadership Team Roles and Responsibilities.

PC 1.2.1: Apply table top training scenarios for fire emergencies.

PC 1.2.2: Apply Table Top Training Scenarios for flood emergencies.

PC 1.2.3: Apply Table Top Training Scenarios for toxic gas emergencies.

PC 1.2.4: Apply Table Top Training Scenarios for medical emergencies.

Training Element Assessment 1.2: Employ Emergency Management.

This Assessment focuses on competencies taught in Training Element 1.2.

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