Training Analysis, Design & Development

MERT Task 10.0 Design and Develop Emergency Response Training Packages

Training Element 10.1: Design Emergency Response Training

Train the Trainer: Our Instructors will train your Training Officers to Level 4 (Over Trained) so that they are completely familiar with the complete training and assessment process.

  • Task Analysis: This is a detailed process of analysing your emergency requirements.
  • Terminal Training Objective Sheets: These sheets are derived from a full analysis of your ships emergency requirements. It contains the training performances, conditions and standards for your training and has a focus on optimised relevance.
  • Emergency Response Assessment Sheets: These are aligned to your Terminal Assessment Sheets and are structured for 3 types of assessment; Practice Assessment, Live Assessment and Retests.
  • Instructional Training Objective Sheets: These sheets compliment the Terminal Assessment Sheets and clarify in minute detail the performances, conditions and standards of instruction that must be taught and achieved.
  • Lesson Plans and Assessments: Easy to follow sequential instructional lesson plans to help your instructors retain a viable learning sequence for your students finishing with a short instructional test.
  • Updates and Amendments: We only use the best training and application methods as required.

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