Medical Emergency

MERT Task 5.0 Apply Medical Care

PC offers a comprehensive Medical Training Package tailored to suit your needs. Our medical trainers are highly skilled and proficient at Casualty Care having developed their skills through various immediate response hot spots around the world while working for the Defence Department.

Training Element 5.1: Apply Basic First Aid

PC 5.1.1 Apply Basic First Aid

  • Check Airways – Breathing DRSABC – CPR
  • Check for Bleeding
  • Check for Burns
  • Check for Breaks – Fractures
  • Check for Spinal Injuries
  • Practice Casualty Handling
  • Practice Casualty Evacuation
  • Conduct Medical Audit – Stock Control, Equipment Checks, Check Controlled Drug Register, Check all Medical Documentation.

Training Element Assessment 5.1: Exercise MERT- ICULOUS 5.1

Training Element 5.2: Apply Advanced First Aid

PC 5.2.1 Apply Advanced First Aid

  • Apply Airway Management
  • Apply Spinal Immobilisation
  • Apply Fluid Replacement – Intravenous Drip

Training Element Assessment 5.2: Exercise MERT- ICULOUS 5.2

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