Aviation Capability

MERT Task 6.0 Apply Aviation Support

The aviation package offers aviation capable ships a comprehensive training opportunity.  We at MERT will work with all the Bridge Management Team and the Flight Deck Team.

We offer non capable aviation platforms the opportunity develop and practice casualty evacuation by helicopter.  There are numerous actions a ship can take to prepare for a visit from a helicopter. Ships staff will practice numerous procedures in preparation for an aircrafts arrival through role playing.

Training Element 6.1: Apply Aviation Support

PC 6.1.1 Apply Bridge Staff Procedures

  • Check ship is steady on a flying course – Navigation
  • Check Wind Speed is correct
  • Check Wind Direction

Training Element Assessment 6.1: Exercise MERT- ICULOUS 6.1

Training Element 6.2: Prepare for Flying

PC 6.2.1 Prepare for Flying

  • Conduct a Flying Brief
  • Conduct Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Checks

Training Element Assessment 6.2: Exercise MERT- ICULOUS 6.2

Training Element 6.3: Apply Flying Serial Procedures

PC 6.3.1 Apply Flying Serial Procedures

  • Conduct Synthetic Winches – HI LINE
  • Conduct Synthetic Loads
  • Conduct CASEVAC
  • Conduct Ship Pre-Flight Checks

Training Element Assessment 6.3: Exercise MERT- ICULOUS 6.3

Training Element 6.4: Apply Deck Hand Procedures

PC 6.4.1 Apply Deck Hand Procedures

  • Check Deck Hands Dressed correctly
  • Check all wearing correct safety equipment
  • Conduct serial briefing to deck hands
  • Conduct Synthetic Emergency Crash on Deck Procedures

Training Element Assessment: Exercise MERT- ICULOUS 6.4

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